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men, women, and children), he thought sixteen, in the present state of the Province, was about a reasonable proportion of those who were fit persons to be chosen members of the House of Assembly, and could spare enough Moncler Jackets time for due attendance." The blank was, therefore, filled up with the word " sixteen." (See Gourlay, Vol. II., p. 103.) The number set down by Mr. McGregor for the year 1800, nine years later. is only 10,000. On this point the following statement, published in 1840 by one of the first men in the country, (Sir John Beverly Robinson, Chief Justice of Upper Canada,) will be allowed to have very great weight: " There are people in Upper Canada still living, who saw Moncler Outlet it when it contained not a cultivated farm, nor any white inhabitants, but a few fur-traders and soldiers, and perhaps ten or a dozen French families on the south side of the Detroit Eiver. I can myself remember when its population was estimated at less than 30,000; in 1812 it was supposed to be about 70,000; in 1822, 130,000; and in 1837, the census showed a Moncler Jackets For Men population of 396,000; but all the townships were not then returned.The number I suppose to amount no,w to something between 450,000 and 500,000." (Canada and the Canada Bill, p. 31.)The rate at which Canada West is growing, and has been for the last twenty or thirty years, equals, if it does not more than equal the growth of the very best of the Western States of the American Union. States just beginning, or having recently begun to be occupied, are unsuitable for comparison because of the rush made to them from all quart Moncler Jackets Men ers for the purpose of securing lands at the Government prices. Let those whose existence has been of a sufficiently long duration to afford a basis for a judgment be selected, and the truth of our averment will be demonstrated. "It will be seen from the United States' censu Moncler Quincy ,Moncler Jackets Women contained 3,505,000, a little over three hundred and twenty per cent. in twenty years. Canada West contained in 1830, 210,473 ; in 1849 it contained 791,000, which is over 375 per cent. for the same period of twenty yearsso that the increase in

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