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these three choice States was 55 per cent. less than that of Canada West during the same time." (Census Report, pp. 11,12.)In the case of Upper Canada, as in that of Lower Canada and the United States, there are particular Moncler Jackets regions which are growing with a special rapidity, for example, the Gore and Wellington Districts, whose increase in the 33 years immediately previous to 1850 was 1,900 per cent ; the Western District which, in the same time, increased " over 700 per cent.; the London District, 500 per cent.; the Co unty of Norfolk, 550 per cent.; the County of Niagara, about 380 per cent.; while, in eight years, the County of Oxford has doubled its population. In the far W Moncler Outlet est of Canada, the Counties of Huron, Perth and Bruce, have increased from 5,600 in 1841, to 37,580 in 1851, being upwards of 571 per cent. in ten years, an increase almost beyond comprehension. It appears from Smith's work on Canada, that the Huron District has made more rapid progress since its first settlement in 1827, than the States of Ohio, Mich Moncler Jackets For Men an, and Illinois did in double that time." (Report on Census, p. 12.) To the growth of Out Cities, Towns and Villages we shall advert by-and-bye. Let it suffice to add here, that while 35-37 per cent represents the growth of the United States duiing the ten years between 1840 and 1850, that of Canada West during the same time was 104-58 per cen Moncler Jackets Men t. (Report, &c., p. 11.)" In countries so circumstanced as Canada," says Chief Justice Robinson, " there is a triple source of increase, which, within a moderate space of time, must lead, as it is visibly leading, to astonishing results. First, there is the natural increase of population, under circumstances the most favourable to it; next, the annual influx of emig,rants; and, lastly, there is the addition to the wealth of the colony, from the thousands of acres n Moncler Quincy,Moncler Jackets Women ances of the whole farming population." (Canada and the Canada Bill, p. 39.)The number of emigrants who arrived in Canada between the years 1829 and 1846 inclusive, is stated in Scobie's Almanac for 1848 (p. 54) to be 466,179. From 1847 to 1851} inclusive, the arrivals were 229,949 more ; so many as 90,150 having entered the country in 1847. The

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