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Messaggio  betternow19801 il Mer Gen 26, 2011 5:15 am

immigration of 1852 was 39,176; and that of 1853, 36,699with a supposed addition of 5,000 who entered the country by way of the United Statesmaking, therefore, 41,699. (See a very elaborate and interesting article on the Statistics of Canada in the Canadian Journal for June, 1854.) In the opinion of the writer of the article refer Moncler Jackets red to, the proportion of this immigration which remained in the country is somewhat about onehalf. Suppose this idea to be correct, the number remaining out of the 774,526 arrivals above reported will be 387,263. To these add ten per cent. for natural increase (38,026), the gain from. that source will amount in the twenty-five years reporte Moncler Outlet to 425,283.In an article dated Quebec, Dec. 1854 (given in the Toronto Colonist of January 20th, 1855), the number of arrivals by tie River in 1854 is stated to be 53,803an increase over last vear of 17,729.From the Census Returns for 1852 we collect the following statements in regard Moncler Jackets For Men to the nationality of our population, their religious opinions, and certain other particulars of a general nature.With respect to coloured people and Indians the Returns are defective, both classes being in many cases included among the general population. Of the former there can hardly be under from 20,000 to 25,000, (a friend having th Moncler Jackets Men e best opportunity for judging, tells me they are over 30,000,) and the latter number somewhere about 10,000.The Origins of the population of Canada are as followto wit:The following statement of the Religious Denominations of Canada, is from the Census Returns for 1851-52 :In the above list there are some omissions, ascribable, it is to be presumed, to oversight somewhere. No return is made, for example, of either Free Church Presbyterians or Con Moncler Quincy,Moncler Jackets Women gregationalists for the city of Montreal, where the former have three and the latter two congregations. Something similar may have occurred,elsewhere, or in the case of other bodies. Such differences will exhaust a portion of the 49,395 persons included under the two classes, " Creed not known," " No creed given."The Tables and statements which follow will throw light ona number of points of an interesting nature relating to our population.Canada contained in 1851, as per Census Returns:FamiliesMalesMarried MalesSingle

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