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MalesWidowersFemalesMarried FemalesSingle FemalesWidowsUnder five years of age . Between 5 and 10 do. . 10 and 15 do. ." 15 and 20 do. ." 20 and 30 do. ." 30 and 40 do. . 40 and 50 do. ." 50 and 60 do. ." 60 and 70 do. ." 70 and 80 do. . 80 and 90 do. ..' 90 and 100 do.. Over 100 years of age....Deaf and Du Moncler Jackets bBlindInsaneBirths in 1851DeathsFrom the preceding Table it will be seen, that while Upper Canada contains a larger number of persons of the respective ages between 5 and 40 years ; from 40 upwards the scale is in favour of Lower Canada, which has 11,084 between 70 and 80 years of age against 7,246; 2,959 between 80 and 90, against 1,764; 407 betw Moncler Outlet en 90 and 100, against 257 ; with 38 persons over a hundred years of age, against 20. The first of these facts may be easily accounted for, from the larger immigration to Upper than to Lower Canada. From the second it would seem as if there were a tendency to longer life on the part of Lower than of Upper Canadians. At the same time the deaths) returned for Lower Ca Moncler Jackets For Men nada in 1851 stand, as compared with those for Upper Canada, 11,674 over against 7,755. From theextraordinary length which this return, understood as an averge, would give to life in Upper Canada, it is manifest either that there has been considerable deficiency in the returns, or that from some cause or other the year 1851 brought fewer deaths with it than usual.According to the Census there were in Lower Canada in 1851, seven married fe Moncler Jackets Men males under fifteen years of age, with 893 married males under 20; and in Canada twelve married females under fifteen, with 574 married males under twenty. In Upper Canada the married females under twenty years of age number 5,994, in Lower Canada 5,415.Of the following Classes t Moncler Quincy,Moncler Jackets Women Census Tables report :The population to a square mile is, in Lower Canada 4 ; in Upper Canada, 29; in Canada, taken as a whole, 7 59-100.From the numbers and constituents of our population, with the particulars of a general nature just given, let us now direct our attention to their action and its results.In reference to these we begin by remarking that the people of Canada have1. Brought under cultivation a large portion of a country which they found in a state of Nature; and are raising annually a large amount

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