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of Agricultural products.From the follwing Tahle an idea will be obtained,of what has been done up to the close of 1851 in the first of these respects :Of the 18 millions nearly of acres taken possession of, there is thus considerably over seven and-a-quarter millions under cultivation, more than seven-eighteenths Moncler Jackets of the whole. Divided among our population it gives four acres, or thereabout, for each inhabitant. According to the Census Report (24), five acres and one perch is the proportion of cultivated land per individual in the United States.The average number of acres held by each occupant is, in Upper Canada, 98a. Ir. Ip.; in Lower Canada, 84a. 2r. 27p. : in Canada as a whole, 92 Moncler Outlet acres. In Upper Canada the averag, value of each occupier's holding is 367 ; in Lower Canadae 304 16s. 3d. : in the whole of Canada, 332. There are of occupied acres per inhabitant lOa. It. Ip. in Upper Canada ; in Lower Canada, 9a. Or. 17p.: in all Canada, 9a. 3r. 4p. Of lands occupied the proportion which is uncultivated is, in Upper Canada, 6a. Ir. 30p. each inha Moncler Jackets For Men bitant; in Lower Canada, 5a. Or. 9p. : in all Canada, 5a. 3r. 4p.^considerably more, that is, than one-half. (Census Report, p. 24.) The number of cultivated acres was, in1831, 2,065,913 in Lower Canada; 818,432 in Upper. 1844, 2,802,317 " " 2,166,101 " 1851, 3,605,076 " " 3,695,763Lower Canada has thus advanced in twenty years from 2, Moncler Jackets Men 066,913 cultivated acres to 3,605,076 ; and Upper Canada, from 818,432 to 3,695,763. The latter has therefore at the close of this comparatively brief period over four and-a-half times the quantity of cultivated land which it possessed at its commencement.In the London, Western, Brock, and Home Districts, the advance made has been as follows. There were of cultivated acres inWestern. London. Brock.1842 69,345 112,633 66,3971844 82,726 Moncler Quincy,Moncler Jackets Women 130,339 83,0461848115,708 177,7521851144,803 247,106 135,232The cultivated acres in the Home District wereIn 1801, 4,281; in 1811, 14,578; in 1821, 39,732 ; in 1831, 101,290; in 1841, 253,708 ; in 1851, 482,839.For the sake of convenience we have retained the old names; but to prevent mistake, it may be mentioned that what was formerly the Western District constitutes now the Counties of Essex, Kent, and Lambton; that the present Counties of Middlesex and Elgin, represent the old London District; that what was the District of

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