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Brock, is now the County of Oxford; while what was the Home District forms the present Counties of York, Ontario, and Peel.Mora attention decidedly is being paid than heretofore to the manner in which farmi Moncler Jackets ng operations are heing conducted, and very great improvement is being made. This remark applies hardly less to Lower than to Upper Canada.Though, as we have seen, the number of owners of land is large and the portion owned considerable, there is yet, and will long be, plenty of it to be obtained over the greater part of the country, if not the wh Moncler Outlet ole; and at prices which are reasonable, varying with position and circumstances. The E,astern Townships and other portions of Lower Canada would accommodate hundreds of thousands, if not millions. On the Ottawa a nation might find room. So it is in Western Canada. In the newer Townships Crown Lands are still to be had, and the Canada Company has l Moncler Jackets For Men ands over a great portion of the country. Ere long, I am informed, it is likely to bring 300,000 acres in the Huron Districtone of our finest regionsinto the market. The emigrant will without difficulty obtain information in regard to all these mattersprices, as well as localityby application on his arrival to the Emigrant Agents at Quebec, Montreal, or Toronto.[The following part Moncler Jackets Men iculars we "are happy to have the opportunityof adding from an excellent Pamphlet, recently issued by Frederick Widder, Esq., Commissioner of the Canada Company, entitled "information For Intending Emigrants Of All Classes, To Upper Canada."] " The price of Wild Land varies according to locality, from 10s. per acre to 10. In a few remote districts it may still be bad at the former rate, but it gradually increases according to density of settlements and facility of communications to the latter rate. In the oldest and most densely settled Moncler Quincy,Moncler Jackets Women Townships, Wood Land is more valuable than Cleared Land, as the farmer is dependent on Wood for fuel and other domestic purposes." Cleared Farms in the best and oldest settled Townships, with good buildings, are worth from 10 to 15 per acre."The price of the Company's Lands ranged in 1854 in the Counties of Peterborough, Hastings, Addington, Frontenac, Leeds, Grenville, Dundas, Stormo nt, Glengarry, Prescott, Russell, and Carleton, from 10s. to 25s. per acre ; from 20s. to 30s. in Ontario, Durham, Northumberland and Victoria ; from

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