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Moncler Jackets Men on sale

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f the Provinces."The Canada Company offers its lands to settlers by way of Lease for Ten Years, or for Sale,Cash down.The rents, payable 1st February, are about the interest at six per cent. upon the cash price of the land. When leased, according to locality, two or three years' rent must be paid in advance, but these payments wi Moncler Jackets ll free the settler from further calls until the third or fourth year of his terms of lease. The settler has the privilege of purchasing the fee simple of the land held under lease, and, of course, stopping payment of further rents, before the expiration of the term, upon payin Moncler Outlet g the purchase money specified in that instalment. A discount is made for anticipated payment. (Pp. 18, 19, 23.)Let us look now at what is being done in regard to the second of the points above-named, the raising, to wit, of agricultural products.To aid in forming a correct judgment as to the measure of progress being made in this respect, we present a tabula Moncler Jackets For Men ent of returns of staple Products in Upper and Lower Canada respectively. We would have preferred the years being the same throughout, but for this no reliable data are within reach :In the quantity of wheat produced it will be observed Lower Canada shows a very great deficiency in 1848 as compared with 1831. This, however, which is attributed in large measure to the ravages of the weevil, is very nearly made up in 1851. Upper Canada exhibits in 1848 a s Moncler Jackets Men imilar falling off, as compared with 1842, in the article of potatoes, which is due chiefly, if not altogether, to the prevalence of the Potato Disease. The advance in the production of wheat in Upper Canada is very great, the quantity coming very little shor Moncler Quincy,Moncler Jackets Women t of quadrupling itself in 9 years. The following are the Counties in Upper Canada yielding in 1851 the largest amount of wheat, peas, and Indian corn :Megantio is thus the best for wheat; Quebec for peas ; Mis* sisquoi for oats. Do,rchester produces the largest qusntity of hay; then Stanstead and Huntingdon. (Rp. on Cen. p. 29,30.)Below we present a comparative statement of the quantities of staple agricultural products

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