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for the United States and Western Canada, for two distinct years each. In the first colum n the years compared are 1840 for the United States, and 1842 for Canada. The comparison exhibited in the second is for the same year in both cases, viz., 1847:From the above, it will be seen that while the United States greatly surpass Moncler Jackets Canada in the production of Indian corn, the quantity of wheat produced in Canada is much greater in proportion than that yielded by the States, being nearly twice as much for each individual of the population. (Montgomery Martin, vol 1, p. 135.)The following is a comparative statement of the quantity of wheat produced in the United States in 1850, with that of Canada as Moncler Outlet a whole in 1851; and of Ohio in 1850, and Upper Canada in 1851derived from Amer. Statist. Ann. and Report on Census :-" In the United States, the growth of wheat has increased about 58 per cent. during the last ten years, whilst in all Canada, during the same period, it has increased upwards of 400 per cent!! And taking the article of Indian corn, Moncler Jackets For Men which is the production that compares most favourably for the United States, the increase on it for the ten years between 1840 and 1850, has been equal to 56 per cent, viz., from 377J millions of bushels to 592i millions[see page 60 of Mr. Kennedy's Report] whilst the increase in Canada for the last nine years has been 163 per cent., the census having been taken in 1842 and not in 1841. During the same period, also, the increase in the growth of Moncler Jackets Men in the United States has been 17 per cent., whilst in Upper Canad a it has been 133 per cent.,in Lower Canada 41 per cent.,and in both united 70 per cent." In pease we find the increase in Upper Canada has been 140 per cent. in nine years; that of the United States, or any of them, is not given in the Abstract of the Census; but, with them, it appears to be an article of little importance; the whole crop of all the States and territories being only a few busheli over the Moncler Quincy,Moncler Jackets Women produce of Canada." Though the number of cultivated acres in Ohio is onefourth greater than those of Canada, being 9,800,000 to 7,300,000, or rather more than ten to seven; yet the bushels of wheat are one-twelfth less, being in Ohio 14,487,000 to

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