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16,202,272." Ohio, in cultivated acres, possesses l-12th of all the United States- In uncultivated acres she possesses l-22d of the same. " She possesses l-4th more cultivated land per inhabitant than Canada, having five acres to four." All Canada produces l-7th more bushels of wheat than Ohio, and 1J bushels more per in Moncler Jackets dividual. Upper Canada, howeve,r, produces six bushels more wheat per individual than Ohiothe latter producing in her staple, Indian corn, 29 times more than Canada, which produces 77 times more peas, and 54 per cent. more oats than Ohio. The land at Ohio is valued at nearly double that of the average of the Union(see the Report of Mr. Kennedy, page 49)and has mo Moncler Outlet re than three times as many inhabitants to the square mile as the average of the Unionshe having 49 55-100ths, and the average of the States being 15 75-100ths." The produce of wheat per acre in Upper Canada is 16 1460ths, and in Lower Canada 7 8-60ths bushels per acre." In the article of wheat we find that the whole United States produced, in 1850, only 100, Moncler Jackets For Men 479,000 bushels, whilst the one State of Ohioone out of thirty-two, and four large territoriesproduced more than one-seventh of the whole Union."Again, Ohio produced 7J bushels for each inhabitant, whilst the whole of the United States produced only 4Jthe former having J of her cultivated land under wheat, whilst the whole Union has not l-20th of the cultivated land under thatcrop." (Report on Census, pp. 31, 32.)f The following extract from the Leader newspaper, we copyfrom the August number of the Canadian Journal for 1853, by way of additional illustration of the point under consideration :" CANADIAN FXPORTS OF WHEAT.Year. W Moncler Jackets Men heats-bushels.1838 296,0201839 249,471 *1840 1,739,1191841 2,313,8361842 1,678,1021843 1,193,9181844 2,350,0181845 2,597,3921846 3,312,7571847 3,883,1561848 2,248,0161849 8,645,3201850 4,54 7,2241851 4,275,8961852 5,496,718" It appears by the Moncler Quincy,Moncler Jackets Women ove statement that our exports of wheat in 1852 were about eighteen times as great as they were in 1838. They have doubled four times in fifteen years, or more than once in every four years for the last fifteen years. They are now one-half as much as the exports of wheat from the United States; and at the present ratio of increasedoubling

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